Turnaround Time

Turnaround for most tasks is under 24 hours, Monday – Friday. We prioritize tasks so that anything that needs to be completed during business hours (in the relevant time zone), and projects typically are completed after business hour tasks. We can agree on deadlines for larger projects, to make sure we are all on the same page.


Weekends and Holiday

We will sometimes use weekends and holidays to work on larger projects, but if there is an urgent task that you need completed on a weekend or holiday, you will be charged $50/hour. A phone call or text message is the quickest way to get ahold of your InboxHero if you have an urgent task.


Task Prioritization

InboxHero has developed a system for managing clients needs effectively and eliminates the need for clients to pay a higher price in order to receive quick and accurate service.

By organizing our time and tasks into categories, such as "Scheduling," "Projects," and "Conference Calls," we can organize our time to be able to accurately delegate tasks into our system so they are addressed in a timely manner, but most of all, in a way that is most efficient for us. We handle tasks for one client at a time so that billing time does not get confused.

This is a rough outline of a day in the life of an InboxHero:

Early morning: Handle all scheduling emails and calls that need to take place during business hours, starting with Eastern Time and moving to Pacific Time. Email triage and organize client tasks.

Mid-morning: Conference calls, handling scheduling emails and calls as they come in, and small projects.

Mid-day: Handle emails and calls as they come in, small projects, administrative tasks.

Afternoon: Ensure all emails and calls that need to take place during business hours are complete.

Evening: Work on larger projects that are not time-sensative and do not need to be done during business hours.